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About Tess

About Tess
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Namne: Eva Therese Magartha Merkel

Birthday: 18.04.1970

Astrological sing: Aries

Color of hair: Blond

Color of eyes: Blue

Heigth: 163 cm

Wegth: Don't know, it's true

Shoe size: 36

Education: 3 years of economy studies...

What instrument do you play: A little bit of piano

First CD ever bought: Don't remember

Favorite singer: Freddie Mercury

Favorite group: Metallica

Favorite CD at this moment: Ludic Ape

Favorite CD ever: Black Album by Metallica

Favorite clothing: Jeans

Favorite City: RomeFavorite book / author: The alchemist

Favorite movie / actor: Cinema paradisio / Edward Norton

Favorite videoclip: Abba Abba Abba

Favorite drink: Red Rioja wine

Favorite food: Lasagna (my own)

Favorite car: Ford Mustang

Favorite place of a Holiday: Thailand

Favorite Sport: Badminton to play

Wat do you in your spare time: Horse ridning

What do you dislike: Mean people and cleaning my house

Greatest disappointment: When my bike got stolen

Greatest memory: Golden record in Germany

Greatest wish: To be invisible for one day

Brothers and sisters: 1 Brother and 1 Sister

Pets: Andreas' dogs

Friend / Married: Yes lots Greger my boyfrend, Neo my son, Minya my daughter,  Andreas my bestfriend, Annikafiore my friend yes with more...

Residence: Stockholm and Visby